Articles & Presentations


Our presentations and articles include:

Bodies Corporate, Timeshares and Governance (Joanna Pidgeon) NZ Holiday Ownership Council - September 2017

Bodies Corporate at War (Joanna Pidgeon and Doug Wilson) ADLS/SCA(NZ) Unit Titles/Body Corporate Conference - September 2017

Recent Changes to the Unit Titles Act and Regulations: A Timeous Update ADLS CPD Seminar - June 2017

Unit Titles Act 2010 – Playing by the Body Corporate Rules (Liza Fry-Irvine) NZLS Property Law Conference 2016

Unit Titles Act 2010 – Repairs and Maintenance (Liza Fry-Irvine) Crockers Property Seminar 2016

Cross Leases (Joanna Pidgeon) Crockers Property Seminar 2016

End of Lease Obligations (Joanna Pidgeon) ADLSi Property Law Seminar 2016

Unit Title Working Group Report (Joanna Pidgeon & Liza Fry-Irvine as co-authors) Presentation to Hon Dr Nick Smith, Minister of Building and Housing May 2016

When Tenants Stop Paying – What Should a Property Manager do? (Joanna Pidgeon) Bayleys Property Seminar 2016

Cross Leases (Joanna Pidgeon & Liza Fry-Irvine) REINZ Property Seminar 2015

Governance for Chairs and Committees and Amending Body Corporate Rules (Liza Fry-Irvine) Body Corporate Chairs Group Wellington 2015

Unit Titles Act 2010 - Body Corporate Operational Rules (Liza Fry-Irvine) 2015

Challenges For Bodies Corporate (Liza Fry-Irvine) NZLS Property Law Webinar 2015

Unit Titles Act 2010 - A Digest for Property Investors (Joanna Pidgeon) 2014

Unit Plans and Common Property (Liza Fry-Irvine) NZLS Unit Titles Act Intensive 2015

Converting Cross Leases to Freehold and Unit Title (Joanna Pidgeon) NZLS webinar 2014

Recent Trends in Bylaws in New Zealand (Liza Fry-Irvine) - Australian College of Association of Lawyers Inc 2014

The Revised ADLSi Commercial Deed of Lease - Using the standard form to best effect (Joanna Pidgeon) ADLSi webinar 2014

Fixtures and Chattels (Kimberly Knox) Conveyancing Pot Pourri Seminar ADLS Inc 2014

Changes to the Lease, Agreement to Lease, Agreement to Assign Lease forms 6th Edition (2) (Joanna Pidgeon) REINZ webinar 2013

Model Body Corporate Rules (Liza Fry-Irvine) NZLS Property Law Conference 2012

Model Body Corporate Rules (Liza Fry-Irvine) ADLS Inc Seminar 2012

Commercial Property Law Update (Joanna Pidgeon) - Bright*Star - 2011 – Wellington and Auckland

The Unit Titles Act 2010 and its Implications for the Commercial Sector (Joanna Pidgeon) – 2011 - Bright*Star 15th Annual Conference on Commercial Leasing and Property Management

Unit Titles Act 2010 (Joanna Pidgeon) Tenancy Tribunal Adjudicator's Conference 2011

Unit Titles Act 2010 Road Show (Liza Fry-Irvine) - New Zealand Institute of Surveyors across New Zealand

Working with the Property Law Act – Practical Challenges and Impact on Commercial Leasing (Joanna Pidgeon) – Bright*Star’s 13th Annual Commercial Leasing & Property Management Conference – 1 September 2009

Mortgagee Sales (Joanna Pidgeon) - Conveyancing Pot Pourri Seminar – Auckland District Law Society - 2 June and 11 June 2009

Strategies for a Commercial Landlord in a Recession (Joanna Pidgeon) 2009 Auckland Property Investors

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